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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

I deejayd for about Fifteen years for fun. I did it with MP3 and CDs for a long time. I used to carry cases filled with CDs. I did it because I just liked to do it. I started when I was 19 in Morocco as an act of self-expression. then there was a moment when i realized that professional deejays were taking i was doing seriously. they told me "YOU CAN DO THIS". that kind of changed everything for me. it made me pay more attention to what i was doing. i think until someone says to you, "you're good at that". you don't realize that you can you're just doing something because it fulfills you. if you don't take what you're doing seriously, nobody else will. and that's fine. but once they do, it changes things


Deepak Bhagya

Personal info

Zakaria Rebbaj

Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA

Birthday: 31 JAN 1983
Phone number: +(1) 405 659 7152
Website: www.deejayzak.com
E-mail: djzak7@gmail.com


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Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA

Phone number

+(1) 405 6597152